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Jul 31, 2009 10:00pm EDT
. why people in india are tangling innocense over balconies for a 50-foot free fall. >> we will get a break from . >> well, we had a very active day today weather wise. hazy sunshine for most of the daytime today. and then right around 2:15 line of showers and storms developed and brought severe weather to our area. but the thing now is -- that we are dealing with clear skies out there and things calming down down at the inner harbour. nice evening in store. dealing with decreasing temperatures. and dealing with temperatures right around in the mid 70s for today. 75 degrees right around -- right now. partly cloudy skies. winds calm. and humidity up at 90 percent. and the dewpoint is at 68 degrees. on the doppler radar, we will see a dry sweep, and most of the activity is now moving out to the atlantic ocean. bigger picture, it was associated with a cold front that really moved in our area for today. brought a lot of severe weather. not only towards our area here in maryland. and dc. but pretty much along all along i-95 from bosston to new york city down toward baltimore and dc as we
Aug 16, 2009 4:00am EDT
carbs and energy. >> china is still buying beans. >> yes, exactly. you of course have got the india situation. >> yes. >> and the drought over there affecting their crop. >> the yes. >> the bottom line is once we work our way into harvest it will be really tough with the kind of numbers we have for wheat and corn to put any upward mobility on price. a stopping bias to the downside. it will be really tough to overcome that on the corn and wheat side for right now. you know, beans are kind of, you know, they are that crop that could make some upward headway under the right circumstances. >> certainly the volatile crop. >> well, yes, very volatile, of course. that's their history. but their situation is the best of all. >> i want to go to gregg and get his comments on that, too. he is sitting there listening to you and not smiling and nodding at everything that you said. >> no. no. [ laughter ] >> well, we do have this poor monsoon going on right now. but there is -- it looks like there is a good possibility that could change here over the next week or two, at least for the meteorologi
Aug 10, 2009 5:00am EDT
places like india and china will want to drive around in cars like we do here in the u-s. that will drive up the demand for at a time when supply may have reached its peak. 'supply goes down and demand goes up. its economics 101, price is going to go up." $12 per gallon "12 dollars per gallon will be a turning point in america. they will move out of the exurbs and move to higher-density, walkable communities." for some, leaving the single family home in the sububs for a more tightly packed apartment building may mark the end of the american dream. but steiner sees things differently. "the american dream is really about happiness. that isn't going to change. people will be surprise by how easily they can adapt from a single family home to sharing two walls in a town home." $14 per gallon at 14 dollars a gallon, steiner forecasts an end to big box stores like target and walmart. "when gas prices go pas $14 a gallon, the walmart model built on the price of cheap gas, the only reason it works because of cheap oil, will not be tenable." 80 percent of wal-mart's suppliers are from china a
Aug 2, 2009 4:00am EDT
, india, china. they're pulling on the demand side of things. brazil and russia are trying to push forward on the supply side. again, i think the u.s. is still relatively unchallenged. we've seen brazil pickup on the beans to make u.s. and brazil even up. by corn, u.s. is far and -- >> do you have a dollar if i go ?iewr. >> absolutely. we recognize when the dollar made its top, commodities made its bottom. when the commodities make the top, -- china still the price driver still continues to stockpile. i look at it instead of being the four bricks, i look at the brax, brazil, russia, australia, canada, china, commodity countries. that's where the emerging marketing -- markets are foe cushion. that's where the world investors is -- investor is going. >> thank you trevan vr -- thank you very much for being here. we'll be back with more "u.s. farm report" in a moment. >>> trying to locate new or used equipment? my has the largest listing of classifieds anywhere on the web. whatever you're searching for, you can find it on my >>> welcome back to "u.s. farm r
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4